20th set, 2012


Poem – a piece of writing that expresses emotions, experiences, and ideas, especially in short lines using words that rhyme. (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 2003, p. 1259)

Fill in the blanks with the words below:

sadness   highs  care   team   fine   changing

I’m a teen

By Marcelo Furlin

A game of _________________ and lows

One minute the world is mine

Sooner or later I hear lots of “No’s”!

I ask, bear with me, and that will be ________________!

When _______________ is inside me or out there

Friends make me feel glad.

I know they really ___________.

There’s no reason to be mad.

I’m __________________, I’m a teen!

I love my family, and this is my dream:

Help me grow, join my ___________!

So, dear students, what do you think about this poem? Did you understand it? Did you like it? Tell me what you liked or not about it.


highs/ fine/sadness/care/changing/team
I think that poem describes my life now. I can’t imagine why! :/ rsrs

Eu achei o poema bem assim na minha faixa etária. Eu gostei! Adoro poemas.

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