25th mar, 2011

Simple Past

Here are some interesting videos for you to practice the simple past. I guess it’s worth watching them.


The simple past tense is used to express a situation that happened in the past, and has already finished. Basically, the rule is to add the suffix -ed in the end of the conjugation, however, there are some verbs that have a different conjugation. They are called the irregular verbs.

Sou da turma 2004

João Pedro Vieira Martins – 2004

That’s right!

The simple past is very easy to learn, and in my opinion is one of the most important things for people who are begining to learn english.


Simple past is easy! I studied it in the beginning of my English course. But I can’t remember all the irregular verbs. It’s a little hard. But I think I control this subject well. It is worth remembering that I love English, where come my interest and custom to write and speak in English.

Caroline Rieger nº05 Turma: 2004

Great. Caroline!

The simple past IS not hard, IT is easy toO. I learned it in 6th GRADE, and NOWADAYS I’m in the English course AND IT helpS me A LOT more. It’s always a pleasure to be learning something new, and be remembering something important, and interesting to know. Simple past is hard to forget, haha

One thing that is easy to learn in English is the simple past. Just pay attention to the suffix and combining that everything is right, haha​​.

Is that so, Laissa?

The simple past is VERY easy to learn, just IF YOU want to learn IT.
p.s. ALL the persons who commented this post commented in english
Thiago Ferreira
YEAH! It’s cool!

simple past, i think, is the easiest thing in english to learn, the worst part is about irregular verbs in the past.

Muito interesante esses vídeos, to na 2ª aula do telecurso, tá muito legal. E to começando aprender ! E conseguirei pelo menos ter uma base para os vestibulares ! :)


Ok, Diogo!

Que bom, Diogo!

Legal professora,
eu prefiro vídeos dando a matéria do que texto. Acho os videos mais atrativos. E gosto que você dê as regras porque só assim eu tenho certeza de que estou fazendo o correto.

Não esqueça de mencionar a sua turma.

Não esqueça de mencionar a sua turma.

Muito legal os vídeos professora, a senhora podia ver se conseguia disponivel em aúdio, assim quem possui aparelho reprodutor e estiver interessado baixa e escuta, é uma maneira bem util para estudar.

Mayara Coelho T:3003

Com certeza, Mayara. Vou procurar para postar aqui!

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