11th ago, 2010

Movie and Popcorn

O Guia do Estudante Enem 2010 sugere um filme bem interessante,  The Terminal, O Terminal, 2004, direção de Steven Spielberg.

Vejam essa passagem!    O personagem de Tom Hanks  encontra-se aprisionado no aeroporto de Nova York. O legal desse vídeo é que há legendas em inglês e vocês podem praticar um pouquinho! Enjoy it!

” Rapaz fica preso em aeroporto quando um golpe de Estado o impede de voltar ao seu país, no Leste Europeu. Falando pouquíssimo inglês, ele aprende a se comunicar e a viver nessa nova situação”.

Como sempre, uma brilhante atuação de Tom Hanks.


> This post is fantastic, (it) explain(s) to all of us the simple (a)way to survive in our(s) life (lives), in a situation of hopelessness.

(It) (doesn’t) Don’t need to be necessarily in (E) english, but in all languages. We can use this method, like in the movie, to live in (an) other country without causing problems.


I love it when you (students) write in English. This shows that you’re doing your best in your learning process! Keep up the good work! I made some corrections for you. Take a look! Have a nice weekend!

Stella Ferreira Class: 3004

” What’s the purpose OF HIS visit? ”
I desagree WITH all thAT bureaucracy, because everybody haS THE right to come and go … IT’S just my opinion about it …

About the movie ITSELF, the story is so interesting, you can see Mr. Navorski dedicating HIS time to learn a little bit more about the English language, because AT that moment he really needs TO talk with the people, mainly to know what’s happened, why he can’t ENTER New York etc.

I will see the movie …

Higor Oliveira

Class: 3033

I understand, as a tourist, that it’s not nice at all to arrive in a foreign country and be treated as if you were a terrorist…. But unfortunately, after September 11,2001, the rules to enter the USA became even stricter.
I hope you like the movie. Tom Hanks is a great actor!
Have a nice Sunday!

** I made some corrections in your text, ok?

I love (IT) when (I ) have corrections in my text …
Hehehehe …
Thanks (FOR THE) corrections …
And …
I want (TO) live abroad, (THAT’S WHY) I hate the bureaucracy with the immigrants …


Higor Oliveira

Class: 3003


todos os comentários devem ser in English?!?



Não, claro que não. Mas se quiser tentar dizer algo em inglês, pode também! :-)

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